My name is Timothy Brown and I am the author of the soon to be released book God Still Speaks: The Miracle at Fall Creek Falls. My second book, a follow up to God Still Speaks called A Faith That Moves Mountains: What Happens When Faith Finds the Miraculous, is currently in development.

This is my personal blog.  It is the launching pad for Wholehearted Ministries, a teaching ministry devoted to helping people learn how to live out of a whole heart for God. After a life-transforming personal encounter with God in early 2009, and nearly losing one of our five children from a rock fall at Fall Creek Falls in late 2010, God led our family on a journey of discovering Him in real, personal, tangible ways–ways we never thought possible. In the years following our son’s accident God has continued to show His love to us and teach our family many valuable life lessons.

As a result, I write on topics such as: how to grow in relationship with God, how to hear His voice and walk with Him, how God still works today and how we can live abundant life in Him, as well as where God is in the midst of trials and suffering. I also write on other themes such as life together (community and the church), faith, prayer, forgiveness, and issues related to marriage and family, and men’s leadership. On occasion, I write about stuff that doesn’t fit neatly into one of these categories.

My goal is to use the gifts that God has given me to create insightful, meaningful, and relevant content that you can use in your personal, relational and professional life. If you are seeker of a real experiential relationship with God–and don’t want to just read about other’s relationships with God 2,000 years ago–then this blog is for you.

I typically post three times a week. To make sure you don’t miss my newest posts, you can subscribe via RSS or e-mail.

My Biography

Tim and Tiffany live in Nashville, TN with their five children, Colby, Caleb, Connor, Chloe and Camden. Tim met his wife Tiffany Trimble in 1993 at the age of 14 when they were both taking Karate classes together in Brentwood, TN. After being friends for 5 years, they were engaged in 2000 and married May 12th, 2001. Their first son, Colby was born in 2006 and their second son, Caleb was born in 2008. Connor was born in February 2010. Chloe was born November 2011. And Camden was born February 15, 2016.

Tim was born the eldest of 5 children on August 3rd, 1978 to Timothy M. Brown, Sr. and Terry Brown. His siblings are Todd Brown, Travis Brown, Tiffany Prutianov, and Thomas Brown.

Tim grew up with his grandmother and great-grandmother in Antioch, TN. After becoming a Christian at the age of 14, in 1993, Tim became a member of Crieve Hall Church of Christ in Nashville. Tim served as a ministry intern at Crieve Hall during the summers of 1997-2000. In the summer of 2000 Tim worked in Africa in the Ivory Coast where he worked as a missionary intern.

After graduating high school in 1997, Tim went to David Lipscomb University where in 2001 he received his B.A. in Biblical Languages and Preaching. Tim continued his education at David Lipscomb University and received an M.A. in Biblical Studies in 2003.

Over the last 10 years Tim has preached part time and full time for a number of congregations, most recently for the Alexandria Church of Christ where he served for 4 years (2007-2009) as a part time pulpit minister, Smith Springs Church of Christ where he served as the interim minister for several weeks (2012), and James Avenue Church of Christ (2014). Tim has also worked and preached in 4 African countries: Ivory Coast, Guinea, Tanzania, and Nigeria.

Tim began work for the Whites Creek Church of Christ in the summer of 2010, where he served until his son’s accident in October 2010 at which time Tim worked full time in taking care of his son. You can read the full story about Caleb’s accident and subsequent recovery here. Tim spent the next year nursing his son back to health as well as writing a book detailing the things his family experienced—a book entitled, God Still Speaks: The Miracle At Fall Creek Falls. The book is currently being reviewed by publishers across the country and will be released soon.

Tiffany works from home and is an in-home childcare provider (and in my opinion a supermom extraordinaire). Tim currently speaks regularly in churches around Middle, TN about his family’s story and the things they have learned in the last 4 years since their son’s accident and subsequent recovery. Tim is currently serving as the interim minister for the James Avenue Church of Christ and is currently writing his second book, A Faith That Moves Mountains: What Happens When Faith Finds the Miraculous, a follow up book to God Still Speaks.

My Personal Statement of Faith & Philosophy of Ministry

If you would like to see my personal statement of faith, you can see it here.

If you would like to see my personal philosophy of ministry, you can see it here.