God Still Speaks – NOW AVAILABLE

When a terrifying accident nearly takes the life of two-year-old Caleb, the very foundation of a middle class family’s faith in God is rocked. As they struggle to come to terms with the endless road ahead of hospitalizations, incomprehensible medical costs, and the daily demands of Caleb’s constant home-based supervision and therapy while trying to raise two other small children, they fight to hold their family together, trying desperately to make sense of events out of their control. Only when they re-establish their faith in God, with the help of family, friends, the power of the Internet, and countless strangers around the world praying for their son, and see the power of prayer manifest in Caleb’s miraculous progress, do they begin to see God’s plan for a brighter tomorrow. As they explore God’s possible intent and His fingerprints on their lives, they experience some stunning revelations, ultimately recognizing that God speaks—even today through dreams and miracles—and many other surprising ways, and that love—love of God and love of one another—really does conquer all. fade-divider

A Note From The Author

“Caleb’s story is so much more than just the story of a little boy who was tragically injured by a falling boulder. That’s the story the media told. It is also more than the story of how tens of thousands prayed for him all over the world and how God healed him. That’s the story people experienced on Facebook. For our family, Caleb’s story is the story of how God is present with us even today, from the highest mountain peaks of human experience to the darkest valleys of pain and despair. As we learn to listen to God through all the experiences of life, God shapes, molds and teaches us incredible lessons along the way. It’s these lessons that I have a burning desire to share with others, and it’s these lessons you will read about in God Still Speaks.” – Timothy M. Brown, Jr.