Often I am asked if I can speak on topics related to what our family experienced during and after our son’s accident at Fall Creek Falls. I welcome every chance I get to speak  to share with others what God has done in our lives and how eager God is to engage with all of us and to wake us up to the abundant life that He has given us.

Below are some topics that I am most asked to speak on related to the book God Still Speaks: The Miracle at Fall Creek Falls.  Below that I have listed other topics that I love to speak on as well.  Feel free to contact me scheduling and speaking availability.

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Topics Related To God Still Speaks: The Miracle At Fall Creek Falls

  1. Caleb’s Story and the Lessons Learned – an overview of our journey.
  2. A Faith that Moves Mountains – These are the lessons I taught prior to our trip to Fall Creek Falls, without realizing at the time that God was using them to prepare us. They played out like a blueprint to everything we experienced.
  3. Marriage and Family – Studies show that 85% of all couples who go through what we have gone through end up in divorce, allowing events to tear them apart instead of draw them together in support. Through our journey, we have been fortunate to have learned the keys to what keeps marriages together for a lifetime.
  4. Walking with God – God showed us that walking with Him requires four essential elements to live the abundant life that Christ promised.
  5. Where Is God When Bad Things Happen? – The question of God’s Sovereignty has been asked since the beginning of time. For us, the question was settled when we had to come face to face with whether our son was going to live or die.
  6. Does God Still Work Today? – Throughout this entire journey with Caleb, we experienced God in a way in which we had never experienced Him before. The evidence was everywhere that God indeed does still work today.
  7. Hearing God’s Voice – Though it was something entirely new to us, it was undeniable that, during everything we went through, God spoke to us directly, through His Word, through dreams and visions, and through others. God still speaks to us today in many ways. And over the last year we have been surprised by some of the means that God has used to communicate his love and truth to us. Here I share what we have learned and experienced.
  8. The Power of Prayer – We learned much about prayers as thousands prayed for our son and we watched the miracle of his healing. Prayer is the intimate communication between God and us; it has less to do with shaping what God does than it does about shaping us into the image of Christ.
  9. The Peace of Forgiveness – Caleb’s accident was not an accident at all. It was caused by two teenagers and could have been prevented. Here, I talk about how I had to come to grips with my own anger and how God provides the peace of forgiveness.
  10. A Church for God’s Glory – There are few times when we as Christians actually lay aside our denominational differences and come together and unite in Christ. After Caleb was injured, we saw the miracle of unity, as love was the banner that united numerous believers to pray for a common purpose — the healing of our son. Here, I offer an open dialogue about some of the things we learned and some thoughts that may help answer Jesus’s prayer for us, that we may all be one in Christ.
  11. Faith, Hope, and Love – This is the greatest lesson of all that we have learned: love of God and love of each other. What does it mean to live a life from a whole heart in love and dedicated to God? How does that love then turn and love others?

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Other Topics That I Regularly Speak On:

  1. A New Heart, A New Home (5 Part Series) – From the book of Colossians. What happens when Christ changes a person from the inside out? It changes everything. In this series we’ll look at how individual transformation affects all of life’s relationships, from ourselves, to our spouse, to our children, to even our work relationships.
  2. Creating Community In The Church (10 Part Series) – John is known as the apostle of love. His writings are the best at describing the kind of relationship that we are to have with each other. What happens when a person’s whole life is turned on to God’s love? What happens when you bring a group of people together who’s lives have been turned on to God’s love? You have true Christian community, love, transparency, and fellowship. In this series, we’ll look at I John and how we can have better community in the local congregation.
  3. Great Old Testament Stories (7 Part Series) – Some of the greatest lessons of faith come from the stories that have been preserved for us in the Old Testament. Obadiah teaches us about the futility of human pride and on the other hand the blessedness of humility with God. Ruth teaches us what it means to trust in God’s Sovereignty, Jonah teaches us about the love and grace of God. Habakkuk speaks to us about what it means to live and walk by faith. Solomon in Ecclesiastes wrestles with the question of what the meaning of life is. And finally Gideon illustrates how a life, no matter how insignificant that life might be, can be used for mighty things in God’s will. This series will help u sot see how some of the greatest themes of the New Testament have their roots in the rich stories of the Old Testament.
  4. Greek Word Studies (12 Part Series) – The New Testament was written originally in Greek. In this series, we will learn the Greek alphabet as well as learn some of the most basic and important New Testament words. By the time we get to the end of our last session, the student will be able to read some basic sentences in Greek.
  5. Hebrew Word Studies (12 Part Series) – The Old Testament was written originally in Hebrew and Aramaic. In this series, we will learn the Hebrew alphabet as well as learn some of the most basic and important Old Testament words. By the time we get to the end of our last session, the student will be able to read some basic sentences in Hebrew.
  6. How We Got The Bible (12 Part Series) – We read it every day. We hear it preached from the pulpit. And today there are numerous different translations of the Bible. But where did the Bible come from? How did the Bible originate and can it be trusted? In this series we will look at the origin of the scriptures and how they have been recorded and passed down to modern times. We will cover everything from the original manuscripts to the modern translations. We will also discuss the authority reliability of the scriptures.
  7. Leadership Series (6 Part Series) – The Bible says concerning the church that the gates of hell will not prevail against it. The church is to be the place of gathering for the people of God to live in community with God and each other. God has appointed and gifted those in the church to help lead the church. In this series we will look at the roles of those who lead in the church, namely the elders, deacons, ministers. We will also look at the leadership of women and the leadership of all the members of the church. What was the model that Christ used to be the model for us in our leadership? Himself. This series explores how each member of the leadership of the church can lead like Christ, as a servant leader.
  8. Lessons From The Psalms (8 Part Series) – The Psalms were the earliest expressions of praise and worship among the Old Testament people of God. In the New Testament the Psalms made up the early hymnal for the church. Often we read the Psalms devotionally, but there is more than meets the eye in these little gems. The Psalm are rich in theology and meaning, and come out of the hearts of men and walked faithfully with God through real life situations. In this series we will look at the depth of meaning that the Psalms offer us and look at the context of the life situations out of which they were written.
  9. Living Kingdom Life Today (8 Part Series) – The Sermon on the Mount is among the greatest body of writings in the Bible. Jesus explains in his sermon what is the very meaning of kingdom living. In this series we will look at the Sermon on the Mount as a way for us to understand deeper what it means to be a disciple of Christ and a member of God’s kingdom. God has called us to kingdom living, and the Sermon on the Mount teaches us what kingdom living looks like in his Son.
  10. Living The Abundant Life Now (6 Part Series) – Jesus said in John 10:10 that he came to give us life, and life abundantly. Unfortunately for too many people, a lot of Christians settle for a life that is far less than what God designed and intended. People live in fear, shame, guilt, depression, anxiety, anger, bitterness, addictions, marital problems, etc. The gospel was designed to impart to us the most beautiful, abundant life possible—an eternal kind of life that begins now and carries on into eternity. In this series we will look at that life in depth and offer teaches to help us all embrace the abundant life.
  11. Living The Life of Freedom in Christ (5 Part Series) – The Bible calls the moment of our salvation, justification. When we go to heaven to be with him, Paul says that we will see our glorification. In between the time we are saved and the time we are with Christ in heaven, is the whole of our lives. That time is characterized by what the Bible calls transformation—becoming like Christ. What does the Bible have to say about transformation, and how can we become more like Christ in our daily walk with him? In this series we will look at what Paul teaches us from the letter to the Galatians about what it means to live free in Christ.
  12. A Study of Salvation (6 Part Series) – There are many words in the Bible that speak of our salvation. Paul uses words for example like justification, sanctification, and glorification—each speaking of the various “tenses” of salvation. We are saved when we come to Christ in faith, we are being saved as we walk with Christ in daily transformation and renewal, and we are going to be saved, when we are united with him in glory in heaven. In this series we will look at Romans 1-8 and Paul’s theology of salvation.
  13. The Bible’s Greatest Themes (6 Part Series – 32 topics to choose from) – The Bible is full of wonderful themes that can be traced from beginning to end. In this series we will look at some of the greatest themes in the Bible—themes such as salvation, assurance, lordship, the scriptures, prayer, the Spirit’s indwelling, witness, the Spirit, trusting in God, discipleship, obedience, God’s divine providence, etc.
  14. Thinking Deeper About…(6 Part Series) – Ever sat down and wondered how we can truly be sure that the Bible is true? What is the proof? What are we to really be about as God’s church? Is there more to know and understand about two of the most familiar things we have in the church—baptism and the Lord’s Supper? In this series, we will aim to go deeper and think more about how we can know that the Bible is true and what some of the real proof really is. We will also look at what is really means to be the Church of Christ. We will also look at the meaning behind such things as Baptism and the Lord’s Supper—not just why or how we do them, but what they mean for us, and how they relate to God’s salvation in Christ.
  15. In-Depth Study Series – These series of classes are designed for the mature Christian in mind. We will look at some of the most familiar stories of the Bible and look at them in depth, taking into account such things as history, geography, languages, culture, exegesis and hermeneutical issues.

Noah And The Ark of God (Genesis 6-8) – 8 Part Series
Abraham’s Walk of Faith – Part 1 (Genesis 16-20) – 8 Part Series
Abraham’s Walk of Faith – Part 2 (Genesis 16-20) – 6 Part Series
The Life of Isaac (Genesis 21-27) – 10 Part Series
The Life of Jacob (Genesis 28-36) – 8 Part Series
The Life of Joseph (Genesis 37-45) – 8 Part Series
Moses And The 10 Plagues of Egypt (Exodus 7-10) – 6 Part Series
The 10 Commandments (Exodus 20-21) – 8 Part Series
Overview of the Minor Prophets – 10 Part Series

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